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 SenseView Portable
SenseView image
  • 4.3" wide-screen LCD
  • 4x - 22.5x magnification (9 levels)
  • Slim and compact, 7.8 ounces
  • 5-hour lithium-ion battery use time
  • Optional writing camera accessory
$595 plus $10 shipping


SenseView Portable makes life easier, and is simple to use. If you can press a button, you can use the SenseView Portable.  The SenseView Portable is the smallest and lightest among the 4.3" LCD portable video magnifiers, and is packed with features. SenseView Portable has a 4.3" widescreen high-brightness L CD display, weighs a mere 7.8 ounces and is a slim .6" thin.

Senseview Portable's powerful magnification is unmatched by any other portable CCTV; allowing even very low vision consumers to use the SenseView Portable.  While most other portable video magnifiers are limited to a maximum magnification level of 9x, the SenseView Portable can digitally zoom in and out on text or an image with the simple press of a button from 4x all the way up to 22.5x.

SenseView Portable also offers four brightness levels and 6 different color modes for easy viewing. You can read print in color, black and white, Reverse (white letters on a black background), yellow letters on a black background, green letters on a black background, or yellow letters on a blue background.

With two foldable legs, the SenseView Portable provides multiple viewing configurations. The legs can be unfolded one at a time to tilt the screen slightly toward you for a more comfortable reading position. The SenseView Portable even allows you to take a snapshot of the image displayed on the screen.  Once the image is frozen on the screen, you can zoom in or out on the image.

SenseView Portable includes a built-in lithium-ion battery is one of the longest battery operating time units on the market. . While other portables only give you 1 to 3 hours worth of battery time, the SenseView Portable provides you with an amazing 5 hours of continuous battery use time. If you want to know when to recharge the battery, simply turn on the battery meter, and find out how much power you have left.

Regain your independence today with the SenseView Portable video magnifier.

.SenseView control diagram

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